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A1 Fencing Key West is a Fence Contractor with a purpose; privacy, security, play yard, pet containment, blocking an eye sore, reducing noise, and/or dispersing tropical winds. Whatever your motives are for your fence construction, we design with your vision in mind. Whether it be a Wood Fence, Vinyl fence or Chain Link fence, it secures your space. That’s why with over 30 years of experience in the contracting and construction business in Key West and the Lower Keys, A1 Fencing Key West delivers tough, functional fencing, tips for longevity, creative ideas to suit your look and needs, and provide solutions for your fencing needs and comfortable backyard living.

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Enjoy Your Privacy

The most common fence in Key West is probably either a picket or solid wood privacy fence. A1 Fencing in Key West uses premium PT (pressure treated) wood posts, rails and pickets. We will build a fence that you will absolutely love.

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Need A Secure Fence

A1 Fencing in Key West installs both residential and commercial chain link fences. We know all the needs (safety regulations and more) regarding building you a secure chain linked fence. Whether it’s to keep people out of your business or swimming pools, we can build you the fence you need. 

Stand Out On Your Street

A backyard makeover begins with beautiful wood fencing or vinyl fencing. You want something that will be aesthetically beautiful and keeps people (and dogs and Key Deer!) off of your property, then A1 Fencing in Key West is the company to hire. 

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To Stain Or Not To Stain...

Paint? stain sealers? Which do you prefer?  The Florida sun and wind can be hard on any wooden fence.  We think it’s a good idea to weatherproof aka stain your new fence. The sooner you weatherproof, paint or stain, the better. We  recommend it for a longer-lasting life of your fence.

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Chain link fences are one of our specialties, whether they are galvanized. or coated black or green. Call, text, or email us for a bid.

A solid wooden fence has great curb appeal, gives privacy, and security. Call, text or email for a bid.

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wrought iron key west contracto

Want a steel, aluminum and wrought iron fencing around office buildings and houses. Call, text or email us for a bid. 

Vinyl is more costly but requires little to no maintenance, you will have immediate gratification, and it lasts for many years.

Professional and Beautiful!

"A1 Fencing built repaired my fence quickly and efficiently! They were courteous, professional and their employees were amazing. I will always hire them for any of my fencing needs! Thank you A1 Fencing!"
Carol H.
Customer Big Pine Key


Most frequent questions and answers

Verbal bids can usually be returned within the week. Call, text or email your address, brief description of what your fencing needs are and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the bid.

Once bid has been accepted, all necessary paperwork and applications will be emailed to you. Upon completion an initial deposit of 10% is required. After permits are acquired, an additional 40% will be required. Remainder to be paid upon completion. 

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